Friday, November 20, 2009

The Shopping Cart as an anology for today

Why is it that so many people leave their shopping carts just any ole place in the parking lot;
It is someone else's job/responsibility, too lazy even though many pay good money for gym membership, I am in too big a rush to be considerate, they just don't care, they need a cart to carry one or two bags - cart dependency

Would it be so hard to grab the cart that is in the next parking space and bring it in to the store, you will most likely need one any way.

People can walk it a few steps to leave it on the curb or out of their way but can't seem to make it a few more steps into the store or even just to the cart corral.

BE POLITE, RETURN YOUR CART! and why not bring one back for those that are too inconsiderate.

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